Happy Snow Day AP World History:

Your assignment is to read the essay "1491" by Charles Mann LINK TO ARTICLE and complete the following focus questions.  Please give thorough and complete answers and use evidence with page number references.

1. What is the "Pristine Myth" and why is it significant?
2. How and why are the Beni a significant part of the Mann's Argument?
3. Discuss the significance of Bradford's quote, "The good hand of God favored our beginnings by sweeping away great multitudes of the natives".
4. What was Dobyn's estimate for pre-columbian Indian populations and how did he arrive at his number?
5. Describe Hernando do Soto's impact on Native populations.
6. What are "high counters" and "low counters" and what is the basis of their disagreement?
7.  Describe and discuss Mann's contention that Amazonia is a cultural artifact.
8. Why do Mann's arguments present a problem for Environmentalists?
9. How does Mann's argument address Western bias?

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