Sunday, January 31, 2016

Albright Symposium Highlights

I am sure we would agree, education cannot provide the solutions to every problem. It will not abolish war, end poverty, or fix the economy overnight, but it will help us all to learn more about those with whom we share life on this planet. This matters, because history is nothing less than a chronicle of discovery - of the alignment of stars, the crossing of seas, the study of medicine, the composition of art, and the invention of ever more astonishing machines. In the past half-century, we have utterly transformed the day-to-day habits of life. But we still have much to discover about getting along with one another. 

Aborted group selfie - Mrs. Kelliher to the rescue.

Group selfie fail

Tyler fears he may have contracted "liberal feminism" - Jake and Max clearly have...and don't care.

The WHAP crew 'kind of' hanging out with Secretary Albright

WHAP 2k15 Crew 

My first photo with WHAP at Wellesley. They were hanging on my every word!
Couldn't have spent a better day with kids I adore more. Thanks for everyone who walked, tweeted, discussed and live-streamed with me. A special thanks to Mrs. Kelliher schlepping with the WHAP crew and making the day possible.


Does social equality need to take the form of democracy? - Student Question

In diplomacy you must always remember there are two sides to every story and if you forget that you become narrow, rigid and ineffective- Lord Mulloch Brown (UN Deputy Secreatry)

Embrace the world; get out of your own box and travel the globe. Christine Lagarde (Managing Director IMF)

Question your assumptions. Don't believe that every man is wrong and every woman is right. I would rather spend time with Mark Malloch-Brown than Sarah Palin. Madeleine Albright (Former Secretary of State)


Friday, January 29, 2016

Albright Institute for Global Affairs Symposium on Global Inequality

If you are going on the Field trip Sunday, in addition to the reading from Strayer that is available in my room, please take a look at the following resources that can give you much needed context for the panel discussion we will hear on Sunday. Also, I have created a two page "brief" that generally summaries the content from the Strayer reading.       Albright Institute Brief
Both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are global institutions that arose within a specific historical context (The Bretton Woods Conference - yay NH!) and that embody and proliferate a particular economic philosophy (neoliberalism). These institutions have come under criticism lately for a variety of reasons. Please check out the link below to verse yourself in some of this criticism. Especially check out Joseph Stiglitz.