Monday, April 16, 2018


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Happy Spring Snow Day!
Lots posted on the blog: Please check out the Weekly Agenda posted below. Scroll down.

QUIZ IN TASC ON TUESDAY. Be Prepared for this option. If TASC is not a scheduling day, the quiz in ON.

Update:  If Tuesday TASC is a scheduling day - YOU MUST SCHEDULE ME ONE DAY THIS WEEK. If you are in a study hall B1/B2 you could also come to take your quiz then, BUT it must be pre-arranged and not interrupt the other section while I am teaching. Tight schedule this week. 

Gotta do it. Use your time to review and prepare today. Finish up the Cold War and Fall of Communism. We will move right into Chapter 23 tomorrow in class.

These were due today but you can turn them in tomorrow along with the Chapter 22 Study Guide at the Quiz.

The prompt is posted below and rubric, organizer and outline resources are in the LEQ Resource page to the right on the blog.

Link to packet HERE

DBQ - DUE FRIDAY (Take Home Thursday)



Check out the Shower Curtain Project description on the blog - Page to the right
There are two parts: IDS and Civilizational Timelines
                                 YOU NEED TO CHOSE YOUR IDs ASAP 
                                 See instructions on the ID Sign Up List Page on the blog!

Sunday, April 15, 2018


French master photographer Bruno Barbey of Magnum Photos was one of a handful of foreign journalists allowed into China during the Cultural Revolution -- and one of the only ones to shoot in color.
For your next LEQ, I want you to apply the Historical Reasoning Skill of Continuity and Change Over Time to your knowledge of Chinese history. Remember, CCOT requires that you provide evidence to support your claim that pattern X was in fact a continuity in China. If you say something persisted over time, you should include evidence of it existing in the beginning, middle and end of the time frame under analysis. Also, if you identify event Y as making a significant Change in Chinese History, then you must likewise provide evidence from before and after the turning point event to demonstrate a change.

As a class - please focus your efforts on a valid thesis (Continuity AND Change), contextualization and LOTS AND LOTS of specific historical evidence. Use historical terms; be as detailed as possible.
Good Luck!!

PROMPT: Evaluate changes in the political organization of China from 1750 to the present. 

Weekly Agenda

Chapter 23 End of Empire

MONDAY 4/16   
NO SCHOOL - Self Study (e-mail me with any questions)                 
Review: Cuban Missile Crisis, Fall of Communism

HW: LEQ Due Thurs 4/19 
         (LEQ prompt posted on blog, resources on LEQ blog page)
         Chapter 23 Packet Due Fri 4/20

TUESDAY 4/17                                   Chapter 22 Notes Due
India and South Africa
HW: Chapter 22 Take Home Quiz
         LEQ due Thursday
         Chapter 23 Packet due Friday

WEDNESDAY 4/18                            Chapter 22 QUIZ DUE and Study Guide
Decolonization and Independence
HW: LEQ Due Thursday
         Chapter 23 Packet

THURSDAY 4/19                                 LEQ DUE
Islam vs. the West
Turkey and Iran
HW: Take Home DBQ
          Chapter 23 Packet

FRIDAY 4/20                      DBQ DUE, Chapter 23 Packet, Chapter 23 Study Guide
Unit Test Period 6

Article: Southernization with questions
SAQ: Secondary Sources
Chapter 24 Read and Study Guide 
Prep and Plan for Shower Curtain Project (Everything on the Blog)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Just a friendly reminder that the B1 Midterm will be tomorrow, Wednesday, for all of B Block. Don't forget to check out the Midterm talking points on the blog.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


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Mongolian children at the Ice and Snow Festival learn of the newly released DBQ and come running!

Here is your assignment:
1. Do your Mega-chart. Seriously. I mean it. Use this gift of time. Your future pre-finals self will thank you.
2. Read the DBQ packet and complete the Document Analysis Chart. If you would like to get ahead of the game, complete the Document Grouping Chart as well and take a stab at a thesis.
Document Analysis Chart LINK
Document Grouping Chart LINK

Thursday, January 4, 2018


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Mongolian Ice and Snow Festival.  May your spirit banner fly free during the bombegenisis of 2018.

Here is your Blizzard Bag Assignment WHAPsters:

1. Read and complete the Focus Questions for Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World. 

2.Visit the newly minted DBQ page on the Blog. I have included samples of successful rubric point sections from our last round of papers.

3.Complete the linked DBQ Activity HERE.                             

4. Make sure to read and be prepared to discuss the Primary Sources assigned from the Weekly Agenda. You do not need to turn anything in BUT I expect you to have thought about the questions associated with the selections. Here is a recap of what those are:
 * Primary Sources: 12.3 and 12.4 Russian and Chinese perceptions of the Mongols
 We are going to look at Point of View. What is the historical context of the documents (aka.     Strayer's little intro). Who wrote the piece? Why? Who was the intended audience? 

 * Visual Sources: 12.1, 12.2, 12.3 and 12.4 Black Death and Religion in W. Europe
 We are going to practice using visual sources as evidence in an historical argument. Consider how each of these pieces of art articulate a European response to the impact of the Black Death (claim). Imagine you are writing a DBQ or SAQ in which you had to answer the question: WHAT WERE EUROPEAN RESPONSES TO THE BLACK DEATH? Be prepared to discuss how you would use specific elements of each art piece support your claim.

EXTRA CREDIT: Check out this Podcast on the Timurid Empire. This was the final flourishing of the Central Asian pastoralist power. History of the World in 100 Objects: Jade Dragon Cup AND read the National Geographic article On the Ancient Silk Road. The article is linked through the Twitter feed on the blog OR you can access it here Silk Road. For the extra credit please write a one page journal entry commenting on how pastoralists and trade networks have shaped World History. You may also reflect on what you found interesting or surprising about the information from these two sources.