Thursday, January 10, 2019

WHAP Movie Night - Monday 1/14 6:00

Come and watch the Academy Award Winning film, Life is Beautiful,with your favorite WHAP buddies and earn a 100% quiz grade!
Food will start at 5:30 and the Movie will start at 6:00. My plan is that we have a short discussion after the movie and we should be done by 8:45.
I will provide pizza and we will have a sign up sheet for goodies in class tomorrow. 

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Modern Legacy of WWI in the Middle East

If you would like a deeper dive on some of the modern legacies of the fall of the Ottoman Empire and its impact on the experience of Christians in the Middle East, I highly recommend the article linked below.
Rabban Hormizd Monastery, Alqosh.
Rabban Hormizd Monastery, Alqosh.

The Vanishing Christians in Iraq, Syria and Egypt

Monday, December 31, 2018


For your review for the Unit Test on Period 5, you will need to select 10 thematic issues from the review list I provided. For each of your issues, I would like you to write a 2 sentence contextualization and then include specific illustrative examples.


1. Enlightenment ideas and revolution in the Atlantic World

The Enlightenment in Europe (18th century) grew out of the Scientific Revolution and applied the principles of the scientific method, as well as the concepts of rationality and progress, to the study of human society. Enlightenment ideals of progress and perfectibility - the notion that society and government cold be improved by rational human efforts - led to the idea of natural rights such as liberty, equality before the law, free trade, religious toleration, and republicanism (citizenship in a state based on popular sovereignty vs. monarchy). Enlightenment thinkers challenged established beliefs in the divine right of kings, mercantilism and aristocratic privilege, and church authority. These ideals spread rapidly through newspapers, pamphlets and books, across the Atlantic to the colonies of France, Spain, Britain, and Portugal and animated the American, French, Haitian and South American Revolutions. Enlightenment ideals were articulated in several founding documents from these revolutions ranging from The Declaration of Independence, to The Declaration of the Rights of Man to Simon Bolivar's Jamaica Letter and create a common intellectual language and culture for the Atlantic Revolutions.

Friday, December 21, 2018


Happy Holidays and Merry WHAPmas everyone!

For today's Blizzard Bag assignment I would like you to prepare the document and grouping chart for our next DBQ. Over break I will have a special page on the blog dedicated to highlights from our last DBQ and tips for future essays. Please find the Silver DBQ documents HERE, the document analysis chart HERE, the grouping chart HERE, and the DBQ powerpoint I created for the last essay HERE.

Chapter 19 Notes and Study Guide (Wednesday 1/2)
Period 5 Review Materials (Friday 1/4)
Period 5 Unit Test (Monday 1/7)

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Blizzard Bag Information

Mongolian Ice and Snow Festival

You know how we Blizz in WHAP? Like the MONGOLS. Yup. That's how we roll.

You have two components to your Blizzard Bag.

1. You each should have hard copies at home of the Mongols DBQ I handed out yesterday in class. Digital copies located HERE. Please fill out the document chart HERE - Attribute, Characteristics and Sourcing columns ONLY.  This chart walks you through breaking down the DBQ documents individually, making note of various components and beginning the process of document analysis. We will work on grouping and thesis development together as a group. For more information on the different categories of analysis on the chart, check out the Powerpoint located HERE.

2. If you have internet or can use you phone (parental approval for data plan required) please travel to the Caribbean, to the site of "first contact" between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres (I know, I know, Vikings, Greenland!! But, bear with me, I'm going with the colonization narrative here), the island of Hispaniola. The video is linked on the Blizzard Bag page on the right of the blog along with a series of video questions.

Please let me know if you have any issues with links or need further clarification on the assignments. In the case of no power, just do your best. Work on the hard copies of the DBQ or see if you can plug along on the Early Modern Era Map - OR - finalize your Southernization questions that were due today.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Period 4 (1450 - 1750) AGENDA


Monday 11/26 - Study Guide Chapter 13, Quiz Chapter 13, Study Guide Chapter 14.
Tuesday 11/27 - Southernization Questions (My Notes on Southernization)
Friday 11/30 - Chapter 15 Study Guide, Chapter 15 Quiz
Monday 12/3 - Early Modern Era Map Due
Tuesday 12/4 - Early Modern Era Unit Test