Friday, October 20, 2017

Do Carmo Quiz Chapter 5

Do Carmo Quiz

do Carmo Quiz Answer Grid

World Religions Quiz Student Edition

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Below is the link to the shared document where each World Religion should copy and paste ONE of their multiple choice questions. Your format should be 12 pt. font and single spaced. 

STOP AND READ THIS: You must also make sure that your powerpoint slides are loaded into our class powerpoints so that other students can have access to the content that gives them the information for answering your Multiple Choice question. With one question for each religion, from each section, there should be 16 questions overall. Please pick your highest quality question!

Monday, October 16, 2017


Its time to take this WHAP experience to the next level. Writing in all different forms and lengths is a HUGE part of the AP Exam. The SAQ (Short Answer Question) is a great place to start. Honing your careful reading of prompts, decoding of sources and crafting of clear, evidence based claims is all a part of the SAQ drill. These are the building blocks of great essays to come. Please read through the SAQ Powerpoint to familiarize yourself with the format if you could not attend our introductory session on Tuesday. You will be practicing these as a group on Wednesday. Be sure to pick up your graded chapter 4 Homework Packet as the Rome/Han comparison chart will come in handy on Weds.

SAQ Powerpoint

Friday, October 6, 2017