Monday, May 1, 2017

WHAP EXAM Review Resources

Check out some of these WHAP review sources I found!  Not a bad break from Mega-Chart'in.

24 Chapters of ID's - DLCDS

Freemanpedia - Excellent resource for all things WHAP

Crash Course World History - 42 Crash Course videos on WHAP!


Quizzes by AP Period    - I do not agree with all of their answers on this...but its not a bad review.

Must Know Dates! - Overview of important dates organized by period

Quizlet WHAP - This is a decent Quizlet set aligned with the WHAP exam

Hip Hughes Video Review - A set of brief video review lessons (same guy on Cuban Missile Crisis Video)

Hyper-history - excellent collection of biographies, civilizations etc. organized by time-period and with linked, brief descriptions.

Bridging World History - video course with excellent video clips of different time periods

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